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You probably still have questions...


Who do you have as guests?

It changes every show, we've had; John Finnemore, Cariad Lloyd, David Reed, Rachel Parris, Andy Daly, Bec Hill, Nish Kumar, Kieron Gillen and more! 

Do I need to know Dungeons & Dragons to watch the show?

In no way. I mean most of the players don't know what it is before they do the show. It's a bit like watching a sitcom set in Lord Of The Rings written by a panel show of fun idiots. 

This sounds great/weird - when's the next show?

That's awesome/true - details of the next show are here!


We have Merch!

Thanks to long time Questing Time collaborator, David Reed, we have merchandise!

T-shirts! Hats! Terrifying Leggings! Duvet Covers! Clocks! All kinds of stuff! All featuring the Questing Time logo!



We've finally converted Toilet Quest to a browser playable game! Hit the image to

the right to try to figure out how you can take a whizz in a fantasy land!


It's really stupid and very sweary. Not unlike the show. 


Good luck!