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London's funniest Dungeons & Dragons comedy show!

But what the hell does that mean?

We have a simple process, every month we descend to the basement of The Phoenix in Central London, where we take three main ingredients and combine them into a great night of adventure and comedy.

First we take the most popular role-playing game in the world, Dungeons & Dragons, we add a selection of the best comedians from London's stand-up, sketch and improv comedy scenes and we mix in 100% all natural, organic nonsense - on top of that we add a frankly irresponsible number of dice and that makes one thing.


Join our party of comedian adventurers as they take on a dumb quest set for them by our host and dungeon master - Paul Foxcroft.

If you love Dungeons & Dragons, great! You'll laugh your ass off at the terrible, terrible choices our cast makes!

If you've no idea what Dungeons & Dragons is, don't worry - neither does most of the cast, but they're still hilarious!

The November Questing Time Is Now On Sale!

What? November? Nature's December? You heard me!

This November 11th is coming at us like a tin of paint dropped onto Joe Pesci's head by an actual child - rapidly and with a sense of consequence.

We've got a Questing Time show at 7.30pm that night featuring these captains of comedy

Joz Norris as some kind of priest!

Heidi Regan as Evian, the anxious elven ranger with her pet panther, PTSD!

Briony Redman as Hannah Ball-Smith, Goblin 'genius' thief!

And #MCd20 himself - Richard Soames as 'Mike': Asshole Wizard!

All hosted by our host, Paul Foxcroft: "Hugely Inventive" - The Scotsman!

We're back at The Phoenix in the greatest basement in London with great booze! Delicious food! And Scott on the bar!


Questing Time! London's funniest Dunegons and Dragons comedy show!


Paul's gone and converted our old warm up game 'Toilet Quest' into a browser game!

Hit the image to the right to try to take a whizz in a fantasy land!

It's really stupid and very sweary... Not unlike the show.

Good luck and good whizzing!


We've got some merchandise made by our longtime Questing Time collaborator, David Reed - aka Sir Ringo Brightwater.

If you want to weird Paul out by showing up to a gig wearing a QT shirt - you now can!