Upcoming Shows

Our next show is rapidly approaching like any object coming towards you!

We're back on May 13th at 7.30 at The Phoenix!

We've got dice, drinks, delicious food and hot Dungeons & Dragons comedy action!.

Briony Redman returns as 'Twigs' - Elven, woodland sorcerer and #PinappleJuiceFireman.

David Reed is Sir Ringo Brightwater, Paladin of 'being reasonable'!

And fresh from 50% of Radio 4 - Savage, horse murdering ranger Roy St'Doyster - MARCUS BRIGSTOCKE


SHARON THE GOBLIN - The other 50% of Radio 4... Magaret Cabourn-Smith!

All hosted by professional idiot, Paul Foxcroft!

Booking link is over to the right!